The future of energy

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Remote mining robotics can recover surface treasures from asteroids worth billions of dollars. Find out how you can participate. Jobs, news, etc.


How do we find asteroids?


How do we classify asteroids?


How do we process asteroids?

We’re Leaving Soon

A dozen major corporations are building robots, satellites, and surface infrastructure to recover metal, water, and energy from space. When we return, the world will never be the same.

Why Asteroid Mining?

Energy is the new currency. It needs to be plentiful on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Asteroids are the infinite source.

Fast and Global

Thousands of fantastic jobs for dozens of trades are being created as we speak. There are opportunities for you, if you have the right skill sets.  Let us connect you with the right companies.


Helium3 is an isotope of Helium that lacks one neutron. When two of these are fused, or when one is fused with Deuterium, a proton is released along with heat energy.  That energy can be used, instead of radioactive neutrons from Uranium nuclides, to power our nuclear reactors.


Water sources larger than Mount Everest are floating through space.  This water can be split into Hydrogen and Oxygen, which can be used to make rocket fuels.  Converting an asteroid into a refueling station in space would put the entire solar system within our reach.

Precious Metals

Planetoids of iron, nickel, platinum, gold, and silver worth trillions of dollars are waiting in the Asteroid Belt. Many have already beenn identified and located.  One such source could provide enough raw materrials to make a dozen space spations many times the ISS.